Known as little Tibet and the land of the lamas, Ladakh is a seat of Buddhist culture of the middle ages. It was here that the most important carvan routes of the himalaya met: northwards, the way leads over the kashgar and yarkand, in the west of Baltistan, Kashmir and further on to Afghanistan and Persia; in the east it is, via demchock, the main route to Lhasa and in the south, one can reach Manali in Himachal Pradesh across the valleys of Spiti & Lahoul. The most important trade route was however the caravan route from Lhasa in Tibet to india. Ladakh with its incomparable natural landscape has its head quarters at Leh "the capital of ladakh". The common people are fond of songs, dances and merriments. Ladakh nature is a bunch of varieties. Its monasteries are a treasure house of Buddhist art with richly decorated thangkas, scrolls and wall paintings, gold & copper statues and icons. Ladakh is an eternal invitation to the tourists.