Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Know before you go. This site has the official FCO Travel Advice notices for over 200 countries based on the most accurate and up-to-date information available to them. It is designed to help British travellers make informed decisions about travelling abroad. Travel Advice is also available by phoning 0845 850 2829.
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Department of Health

General Health advice for traveller including advice on major diseases and staying healthy while travelling.
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Nomad Travel Health Clinics have been supplying medical supplies and vaccinations to travellers for over 15 years. Their travel clinics are staffed by doctors and nurses specialising in travel health.
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MASTA provide travel health advice on vaccines and immunisations as well as malaria and yellow fever prevention. They also have a search facility to help you find a travel clinic near you.
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The Travel Doctor

The Travel Doctor, an interactive website providing specialist health information for travellers.
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The High Altitude Medicine Guide

Provides current medical information on the prevention, recognition, and treatment of altitude illness, as well as other health issues affecting travellers to high mountainous regions of the world. Information content is designed for the use of physicians and non-physicians alike.
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