2020 New Tour: Authentic Japan

High Places are ecstatic to announce the addition of a new destination to our portfolio. Authentic Japan is a set departure tour for October 2020 with only 8 places available.

On this adventure to a land of contrasts, you will get the chance to explore its mega cities, such as Tokyo, but also indulge in a more authentic experience that Japan provides. This is the perfect blend of East meets West.

Mount Sobo in Katamuki

Mount Sobo in Katamuki

The island of Kyushu is the top highlight of this trip. A hidden paradise; plenty of sunshine, mountains, Volcanoes, greens and sea. Explore the famous gardens and the Kagoshima city castle famous for the movie ‘The Last Samurai’ . There is a beautiful coastline and the bay area around the city and an imposing view of Mt. Sakurajima volcano which is highly visible with its eruptions almost daily.

We will stay in traditional Ryokans wearing the Yukatas (more informal version of Kimono), easting the traditional Japanese meals with several courses and food items. Hike to some lovely volcanoes, barrel valley wine tasting and not to forget countless number of dips in the Hot Springs in Oita.

Our team member Sunny recently tested this tour himself. Read about his journey here.

Places Visited:

Kyoto – Tokyo – Fukuoka – Kagoshima – Kirishima – Takachiho – Oita


  • Tokyo, Kyushu island, Kyoto plus more
  • Hot springs at Oita
  • Hike to various mountains and volcanoes
  • Various temples and shrines across the the country

This is an incredible trip that covers a variety of destinations and activities and not one to be missed. View the tour in detail.